17 January 2011

Metro bag screenings: Of course there's no opting out

Assume the position.
Video of meeting below.
Metro bag screenings: Of course there's no opting out - @TBD On Foot | TBD.com:
"But when board member Diana Zinkl asked Taborn what would happen when someone opted out like this, here's what he said:

"Up against the wall!"
'Well I can tell you without any uncertainty that that person would be observed. And what that means to you is different than what it means to me, but that person would be observed.'

When Zinkl asked him to clarify the meaning of 'observed,' Taborn said,
'Be observed. Be, be observed. Be watched.' He later told board vice chair David Alpert that “[a]t some point in time, as we work with the FBI and as we work with the Department of Homeland Security, we establish why” a person declined the check.

In other words: If you don't fork over your bag, you're going to get a whole lot of attention from law enforcement. This is no big surprise. On the day these screenings were announced we asked Taborn if investigators would be following up with anyone who opted out. He told us 'there's always a possibility,' which we took to mean 'most certainly.'"

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