07 February 2011

Overwhelmingly White Rally Calls for Lynching Black Judge

Really not sure why the major networks have not picked this story up.

An amateur journalist went around the crowd and mentioned a Black federal judge by name, asked what should be done with him and the like.  The responses, from the all white respondents, were amazing:

"Send him back to the fields."
"String him up."
"Cut off his toes one by one and feed them to him."
"String him up."
"String up his wife too."

When asked about an executive with a fiercely independent news company, the respondent wanted him "strung up" too.

One woman in the crowd challenged a television host to a duel, she has her second and said she packs a Glock.

When you are finished guessing, take a look at the video from the "Common Cause" rally below.

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