07 February 2011

William Russell Griffin arrested for burglaries in Prince William County

William Russell Griffin
Strange story not far from where I live.

The evening news reported that Griffin broke into the same house multiple times, took the owner's car for late night joyrides and later wrecked the car farther south in Virginia.  Police also arrested another person, Tony Michael Vaccarino, 24, for a related burglary.

William Russell Griffin arrested for burglaries in Prince William County - @TBD Latest | TBD.com:
"The man arrested last week for a series of burglaries was nothing if not persistent.

Tony Michael Vaccarino
Police said William Russell Griffin, 23, broke into a house in Prince William County in November and December and stole an iPod and camera, police said. But he also stole a spare vehicle key from the home owners, police said. Griffin then used the car several times while the residents of the house were sleeping, according to police.

Police arrested Griffin and charged him with one count of burglary and one count of grand larceny. Tony Michael Vaccarino, 24, another man who police said worked with Griffin, was also arrested. He is facing the same charges as Griffin.

Police believe Griffin may be connected to 18 burglaries in Montclair, police said."

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