03 February 2011

Wikileaks Julian Assange Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

Just like Arafat and others who never gave a damn about peace for anybody, the fabricating, video falsifying, terrorist supporting person who gave the world this big lie -

Wikileaks Julian Assange Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize - ABC News:
"A Norwegian parliamentarian has nominated Wikileaks founder Julian Assange for the 2011 Nobel Peace Prize, saying his publication of thousands of secret government documents has helped to promote human rights, democracy and freedom of speech.

'Most recently, by disclosing the economic arrangements by the presidential family in Tunisia, Wikileaks have made a small contribution to bringing down a 24-year-lasting dictatorship.'

Valen acknowledged the controversy surrounding Wikileaks' actions but insisted the whistleblower organization was working for the public interest."

Before the Mideast unrest is over, expect representatives from CAIR/Muslim Brotherhood to be in competition with Assange, along with Bradley Manning.

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