26 September 2010

Iranian President Meets Farrakhan In NYC

Via Facebook Friends Stephanie Janiczek via Gary Katz:
Iranian President Meets Farrakhan In NYC:
"(NewsCore) - Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's six-night visit to NYC included a secret sit-down with militant minister Louis Farrakhan, the New York Post reported Sunday.

The president shared a hush-hush meal with Farrakhan and members of the New Black Panther Party Tuesday at the Warwick Hotel on West 54th Street.

The meeting took place during Ahmadinejad's stay in NYC to address the U.N. General Assembly. He met Farrakhan, the fiery 77-year-old leader of The Nation of Islam, in the Warwick Hotel's banquet hall."
Not much of a secret, eh? Wait, there is more:

Ahmadinejad's speech Thursday, during which speculated that the U.S. was behind the 9/11 terror attacks caused outrage, caused a walk-out by U.S. delegates.
The speech was just part of the Iranian leader's bizarre six-night NYC visit.
On Thursday night, Sudanese diplomats trying to get in to see him at the Hilton Manhattan East, on 42nd Street, squared off with security and a pushing match ensued.

And even more!

Illustration Only

Two well-dressed women in their 40s then came in, sat at the hotel bar and ordered drinks.
One of them caught the attention of the president's security detail, which had set up a station in the hotel lobby.
Illustration Only
She was soon surrounded by eight angry Iranians, who ordered her to leave. She refused.
A manager tried to calm things down. Suddenly, the woman stood up and pointed at the Iranians, yelling, "You stoned my sister! You're murderers!"
Paranoia was on parade at the Hilton the moment the president checked in on Sept. 18.
Ahmadinejad's team took six floors of the Hilton to themselves in the hotel's south tower, about 90 rooms in all, when they checked in. More than 20 rooms were for security.
Read more: New York Post
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