01 October 2010

Suki's Afternoon Links: At least they got the Tuskegee Study right, not that anybody else will

The American Apology Tour Continues: U.S. apologizes for syphilis experiment in Guatemala | Reuters:
"(Reuters) - The United States apologized on Friday for an experiment conducted in the 1940s in which U.S. government medical researchers deliberately infected Guatemalan prison inmates with syphilis.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius and other top officials issued a statement about the experiment, which echoed the infamous 1960s Tuskegee study in which black American men were deliberately left untreated for syphilis."
At least they are not claiming that the Tuskegee victims were intentionally infected. Amazingly, the many references I used to see for that lie have gone into the Google memory hole.

Reason is covering this story too and it is pretty shaky.

Blackberry Encryption Hacked - Slashdot
"InfoWorld blogger Martin Heller reveals that a Russian passcode-breaker developer has broken the encryption used in BlackBerry backups. That can help recover data when passwords are lost, but also gives data thieves access to a treasure trove of corporate secrets. And the developer boasts that it was easier to crack the BlackBerry encryption than it was to crack Apple's iOS."

Maybe this is the solution that Saudi Arabia is looking for?

New York City Spending over $27 Million to Make Street Signs Proper

250,000 street signs in New York City feature street names in capital letters only, which is not the national standard. Having no other issues on the table, The New York City Department of Transportation has decided to fix the problem andput up proper signs featuring both capital and lower-case letters at a cost of $27.5 million. The Transportation Department hopes to have the job completed by 2018 with 11,000 of the most important improperly capitaled signs fixed by the end of the year. Catastrophe averted.
Americans tread water in gulf between rich, poor

MOUNT VERNON, N.Y. – A Wall Street adviser leaves early for work to avoid panhandlers at his suburban train station. In coal country, a suddenly homeless man watches from a bench as wealthy women shop for dresses. A down-and-out waitress sits glumly on her stoop across the street from a gleaming suburb. A freshly elected politician loses his day job.
They're the faces of a census report released this week showing that the gap between the richest and poorest Americans is wider than ever.
After Jimmy Carter got rid of all the poor people, then Ronald Reagan brought them back, then Bill Clinton got rid of them again, Obama is having trouble ending the poverty caused by Bush. Or something like that.

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