28 September 2010

Wikipedia co-founder slams Wikileaks

AFP: Wikipedia co-founder slams Wikileaks:
"KUALA LUMPUR — The co-founder of online encyclopedia Wikipedia, Jimmy Wales, on Tuesday slammed whistleblower WikiLeaks over its release of Afghan war documents which he said could 'get people killed'. 
Wales also expressed irritation over the website's use of the term 'Wiki' in its name, which refers to a site that allows different users to collaborate and make contributions. 
'I would distance myself from WikiLeaks, I wish they wouldn't use the name, they are not a Wiki. A big way they got famous in the first place was by using the word Wiki, which was unfortunate in my view,' he said at a business conference in Kuala Lumpur."
AFP also quoted Wales to say:

"In the most recent round of leaks, the New York Times for example... actually redacted certain information that could put people in harm's way whereas Wikileaks is planning to publish absolutely everything," he said.
"I think it is really important when we have sensitive information, that we do rely on responsible journalists to sort through it for us... it's much better than dumping all kinds of crazy information online and get people killed," he added."

In another quote, I am not as generous as Wales. I do not know Julian Assange, but his actions do not look like the actions of anybody who cares about anybody but himself and his pet causes.

"It isn't proof of anything but could be enough to get someone killed," he said.
"I don't think Julian Assange wants those people killed, however if he irresponsibly follows the policy of releasing absolutely everything, it's incredibly dangerous for those people," he said, referring to WikiLeaks' spokesman."


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