29 September 2010

Iron Man 2: Spoiler at the end.

Other than this exchange: "M-One-Thirty-Four. Seven Sixty Two?"
What? No, military consultant intern for the movie, that should be "Seven POINT Six Two" thankyouverymuch. It was an otherwise fun movie.

My review of Iron Man 2:
Lots of AC/DC classics in the soundtrack.

Tony Stark, defense contractor and other things, built a cool suit.
The US federal government decides to steal it and give it to Stark's competitor, Hammer.
In the meantime, Stark is being poisoned by the reactor in his chest that is supposed to be keeping him alive. From the first movie, I had the impression that the reactor in his chest was keeping shrapnel away from vital arteries. Couldn't some invasive surgery cure that?
Tony's secretary and personal assistant, Pepper Potts, gets to be CEO of Stark Enterprises too and she is the hottest chick in the series.
Tony invents some more stuff, including an element to replace the palladium reactor core in his chest.
After the government steals the Iron Man suit and gives it to Hammer to modify, Mickey Roark's character turns it into a drone. Then the drones fight Iron Man.
Spoiler alert:
Iron Man wins.

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