28 September 2010

Obama visit felt like a New Mexico campaign stop | obama, albuquerque, stop - News - Clovis News Journal

Obama visit felt like a New Mexico campaign stop | obama, albuquerque, stop - News - Clovis News Journal:
"ALBUQUERQUE — The White House billed it as a backyard visit in Albuquerque’s south valley, a chance for a disabled Marine Corps veteran, his family and their neighbors to pull up a lawn chair and share concerns with President Barack Obama.

But it sure sounded like a campaign stop to prop up New Mexico Democrats.

Obama addressed about 40 people at the stucco-sided home of Andy and Etta Cavalier, speaking on the importance of education in ensuring America’s economic future before taking questions from the group on matters ranging from immigration reform and veterans issues to why he is a Christian.

In the audience were Gov. Bill Richardson, Lt. Gov. Diane Denish and Rep. Martin Heinrich, D-N.M., who suggested to Obama that he visit the semi-rural south valley, where a breeze smelled of alfalfa from an adjacent pasture and two horses grazed while the president spoke.

“When you get in the airport and see downtown, that’s all great, but I wanted him to see a piece of New Mexico that’s not going to look like the places he sees in Ohio and Virginia,” Heinrich said afterward. “We’re very proud of that. It’s not like Anywhere, USA.”"
No word if the Maobama put the Predator Drones on hold while he visited USA Islamic Terrorism Central, or if he was ready to duck.

Sounds like he skipped the tour of "Poncho Villa State Park," but the surprisingly good thing is he did not announce federal funding for a Che Guevara National Park.


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