02 October 2010

10-2 'March' All The Video

Posting all of the video I shot of the 10.2.10 'march' (that looked a lot more like a rally to me), in order, in one post.  YouTube limitations required me to split longer videos into clips of 15 min. or less.  If you watch each clip in order you will see everything I shot, nothing was edited out.  There are two major gaps. I stopped recording briefly near the Washington Monument and near the WWII memorial.  The latter due to my accidentally shutting off the camera.  The magic of Blogspot allows me to date this on 10.2.2010, even thought I am actually posting on 10.4.2010. May edit the notes that go with each some more, so bear with me.

0:01:55.00 Vegans
0:05:44.00 What the crowd looks like from Lincoln Memorial grounds
0:08:03.00 Empty spots in crowd under trees, panorama

0:00:05.00 Panorama of just how thin the crowd is
0:01:20.00 Panorama of just how thin the crowd is
0:04:00.00 Panorama of just how thin the crowd is
0:05:10.00 Unidentified Socialist with SocialistWorker.Org tells how taxing the rich helps everybody

0:00:08.00 Unidentified Socialist with the Freedom Socialist Party speaks about the rights they advocate and that they are not Libertarians, then 'describes' the Libertarians
0:02:300.50 Roving band
0:03:47.00 Joe Madison declares rally bigger than Glenn Beck rally based on satellite image. Also, panorama of how thin the crowd is
0:04:42.00 A man wearing a CAT hat notices similar cameras
0:06:33.00 Pretty http://SocialistWorker.Org chick gives me a thumbs up
0:07:29.50 Panorama of just how thin the crowd is as Harry Belafonte takes the stage

0:00:30.00 LaRouche Political Action Committee supporter tells about their group and that they run as Democrats
0:03:48.00 Almost inaudible, man asking people for change for a $20
0:04:35.00 Panorama showing thin crowd between Washington Monument hill and WWII memorial
0:07:15.00 Interesting black truck with an L3 logo on right rear window

Walking down Washington Monument hill toward the World War II memorial, panning to show how thin the crowd is.

Clip begins just past World War II memorial, leaving trail to show big empty fields on the way back to Lincoln Memorial.

Walking through empty areas that were set-up for crowds. Note the crowd fences. Also note while passing through a fence opening that Leftists cannot keep right. Lots of trash was left from small lunch gatherings even though plenty of trash cans were around.

I re-enter the walkway and the gathering, throw away my Socialist Worker newspaper and LaRouche flier, and then make my way back up to the Lincoln Memorial grounds. Video of the trash left laying on the steps of the memorial grounds. A "grim reaper" with a "Green Jobs" sign, and wearing an Arafat style tea towel, is seen just before I make it to the steps.
Via Reason.Com, Beck vs. the Communists

Feel free to compare my video to this work by Crooks and Liars. I found their comment on the DemocraticUnderground.Com site, with a bad link (I am giving you the working link). Even in the C&L link they accidentally show a big gap in people near the reflecting pool while trying to stay with the most deceptive angle possible.
Dave N., reporting live: Amazing. The crowd size was clearly larger than the one at Beckapalooza, and the energy was outstanding. You can see the video I shot above.

Also amazing: The kind of camera work I saw from C-SPAN. It looked to me as if they were deliberately shooting the few empty seats that were close to the podium. These empty spaces were largely the result of the way the crowd was fenced at the Mall. But as you can see, it was a massive event.
Pretty good comedy there, check it out. My videos show what was behind those little clumps of people obscuring the big empty spots.


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