26 September 2010

Unions Urging Actors Not To Work On Hobbit Movie

Slashdot | Unions Urging Actors Not To Work On Hobbit Movie (click through for discussion):
"'Last we heard about The Hobbit, Guillermo Del Toro dropped out, Peter Jackson was unofficially directing and secretly auditioning actors, the movie had yet to be green-lit, and Ian McKellen was getting super-antsy about the whole thing and threatening not to play Gandalf. This shouldn't help the long-gestating movie happen any quicker: Actors guilds including SAG issued actual alerts yesterday against working on any of the Hobbit films, advising their members not to take parts in the non-union production, should they be offered them.'"
I was ready to make some comments, looking forward to a decent discussion, but the comments were full of nonsense like this:
by Planesdragon (210349)

nowadays, they're merely another expensive middle-man cost
Unions are paid directly by their membership, or in certain legislated instances, directly by those they represent in contract negotiations.
The only "middle-man" cost to a union is the wages that workers receive when they bargain collectively. To argue that this is an "increased" cost, you need to refute the union's basic premise -- that collective bargaining brings about a "fair" wage.
While you're about it, please include an example where everyone having to haggle for the cost of a head of lettuce is also "fair", please.
That tripe has a score of "4, Insightful" as I write. When someone needs an explanation on how a union body between the workers and their employer is not a middle-man cost, and gets modded up for it, I might as well move on. Same for negotiating the best price for a head of lettuce. We normally do not do it in the way he is probably thinking, having a Sotheby's Auction for each head in front of a mob of shoppers. We "haggle" by taking our shopping business to the places that we like best. Sometimes price is number one, sometimes it is other factors.
Looks like anybody expressing any sort of Libertarian thought, anybody even approaching the idea that the buyer sets the price, is getting a mod smack-down.


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