29 November 2010

Middle East Aligned in a Coalition Like in Suki IV: Finally a Vacation

Thanks, WikiLeaks for the 'news' that the Middle East wants Iran bombed out of the nuclear club.  The 'revelation' here is that Israel is the only country that wants to do it themselves.  The list of our Middle East allies who want the good ol' USA to do it is growing:
United Arab Emirates
Saudi Arabia
Not an all inclusive list, I am sure.  Just the top players that I could find stories about.  Now, what of that whole business that "the Jews" (meaning Israel proper and anybody Jewish, by people using it as an invective)?  Israel is the only damn country in the area that wants to take care of this themselves and the only country in the world that the USA is preventing from de-nuking Iran.

I denounce Wikileaks and that little traitor Private that leaked this stuff.  However, I must say, the only people this stuff seems to be embarrassing is a bunch of worthless seat-warmers in Foggy Bottom, at the Department of State.  Apparently, nobody over there knows that you do not put anything in a memo that will be embarrassing on the front page of a newspaper.

Liberaltarian Matt Welch, at Reason, was brought to a state of glee for completely different reasons.  He just likes seeing Arabs embarrassed.  Welch does give a nod to the effect of this release on authoritarian states lying to their masses.  As if this will awaken them more.  Most of the folks I met from those countries mention their leaders lying without prompting.

Curious how WikiLeaks never 'finds' any documents from the troublemakers in the 'religion of peace' (I am assured, the bad ones are in the minority) to "open the minds and eyes" of the jihadis?

Rush Limbaugh stated that the leaked documents contain nothing about North Korea supplying Iran with nuclear technology, missiles, etc.  Guess he missed #3 in this story.
In Suki IV: Finally A Vacation (War With Iran) I speculate that in the 2030s the whole world has dragged their feet about the Iranian problem.  Just like today.  Different nations urged the US to form a coalition with them (yes, I showed our allies in a nicer light than their behavior currently reveals).  The budding alliances came and went, while only one country continued to plan how to deal with Iran.

Finally, Iran's target list was discovered for rocket and ship-borne nuclear weapons.  To their lackadaisical surprise, European, Asian and African targets were on the list for missiles, the Americas were slated for nukes on freighters.

The world allied with Israel and Israel led the way, as the freighters were on the way to their targets.  No nukes were used by the allies.

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