29 November 2010

TPM, You Have A Low Tolerance For Shock

Here are the top five things that "shocked" the pantie-twisters at TPM:
1. Nearly every country in the Middle East wants us to attack Iran.
2. State Department officials ordered U.S. diplomats to spy on their foreign and UN counterparts. (yes, that is me clapping with both hands, if we are still doing it)
3. North Korea supplied Iran with long-range missiles.
4. Iran used the auspices of the Red Crescent to smuggle spies and weapons into war zones.
5. U.S. foreign policy relies heavily on blog-ready gossip items.

Would you kids grow a pair?  One pair total between all of you sill be fine.  Most of this was already known.

From #5, the picture below is from some Libyan gossip.
"VoluptuousUkrainian Nurse" Galyna Kolotnytska

This was not the only blog getting queries for Ms. Kolonytska and I didn't have anything about her on here yet.  Before It's News was getting a few more than me.

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