30 November 2010

Althouse: A case of the Vapors over calling Julian Assange a Sissy

Julian Assange — "He's a sissy; he's a waif, purely and simply an Internet creation."

That's how Rush Limbaugh talked about Julian Assange on his show yesterday. What I'm interested in here is not Assange per se or what Limbaugh thinks of him. I'm interested in the gratuitous disparagement of men whose looks and personal style fail to track the masculine stereotype:

Read it all on her blog.  The thing is, Assange is a total pansy and the stupid shit he pulls on the internet only supports that.  Things like editing video from US Army attack helicopters to make it appear as if the pilots committed atrocities.  When Limbaugh talked about Althouse's post on the air, he pointed out that he never called G. Gordon Liddy a sissy and mentioned some others.

Ann Althouse
Ann Althouse has a history of being overly sensitive.  A few years ago, the 'bruits' at Reason magazine (if you question the sarcastic quotes, go to one of their parties and see for yourself) brought her to tears, imposing on herself a level of public torture rarely seen outside of a Kubrick film.  The issue? Apparently what so offended Althouse is that anyone could possibly believe that a private business owner should be permitted to privately discriminate on the basis of race.  Her response here.

On the subject of WikiLeaks, Limbaugh mentioned this story from The RegisterWikiLeaks re-taunts feds with US Amazon mirrors
According to NetCraft's records, the whistle-blowing website is mirroring the diplomatic cables on Amazon's US-based EC2 service and France-based servers operated by French ISP Octopuce. The main WikiLeaks site is mirrored on Ireland-based Amazon servers.

WikiLeaks also uses a US-based domain name registrar (Dynadot) and a US-based DNS service (EveryDNS).
See Amazon's EC2 site for more details.  Rush observed, as I have, that if this wuss has all of his classified documents hosted and mirrored by Amazon, the government could take the domain away with a few keystrokes.  Rush said it better, "if only WikiLeaks had pirated songs, Obama would shut them down overnight" (not an exact quote).  That is the truth too.  If this administration gave one hoot about classified military information, Assange would already be behind bars or worse.

The Obama regime only sounded alarmed after State Department memos were released by WikiLeaks, with the 'monumental, damaging revelation' that US diplomats were "spying" on their UN counterparts.  Don't believe me?  Electron-slinging, Leftist leader, David Corn wants Hillary Clinton to resign over this issue.  Foror failing to protect national secrets,?  Nope.  For spying on UN diplomats.  The extent of the "spying" so far appears to be observing what they do.  Not even sexy enough to get into one of my novels!

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