02 December 2010

NASA finds life on earth. Whoopee!

As best friend-o mine said in chat "Great, if we find an arsenic laden planet, maybe this crap rules there."

NASA Confirms Discovery of Organism With Phosphorus-Free DNA - Slashdot:
'As we mentioned before, NASA's Department of Astrobiology had an important announcement to make today. It looks like Gizmodo was right. You can watch the presentation online right now. It looks like the bacteria in question uses arsenic as a phosphorus replacement in its DNA.'"
The real news, from the great Ronald Bailey at reason, 'splains it better.  The bacteria were not living an arsenic lifestyle until they were wrangled into the lab and were fed arsenic salts instead of potassium salts.

What does the big S in NASA stand for anyway?  Yea, it is really close to the E on the keyboard.

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