30 November 2010

Rep. Cantor, is Your Level of Stupid Painful?

The Recall Representative Eric Cantor (R-VA) Campaign begins here!

Giuliani doing his famous Cantor impression.
Rep. Cantor: Popular parts of health law will be tackled in GOP repeal plan - The Hill's Healthwatch:
"Speaking to more than 100 students at American University, Cantor said, 'What you will see us do is to push for repeal of the healthcare bill, and at the same time, contemporaneously, submit our replacement bill, that has in it the provisions [barring discrimination due to pre-existing conditions and offering young people affordable care options].'"
Calling all voters in VA 7, please find a conservative to replace this fool!  Recall him and ban him from running for office ever again!

Mr. Cantor, you were sent from Virginia to the House of Representatives to repeal Maobamacare, not suck up to a salad tossing politician from Chicago (or Hawaii, or Kenya, depending on the week).  What is your next trick, raising taxes when that witch from California snaps her fingers?

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