01 December 2010

Message to Obama: Bi-partisan compromise means YOU move this time.

Our dear leader has been talking a bit at length about compromise lately.  I say at length because he is using a lot of words without saying anything.  Watch and listen for yourself:

He seems to be under the delusion that all of the new faces on Capitol Hill are there to kiss his ass.  No, Mister President, the bunch that got voted out.  Members of Congress, all the way down to local dog catchers, were booted for going along with your socialistic schemes.  Get it through your thick head, they were sent to the congress to undo everything you have done.

Health care compromise now means that, a repeal will be drafted in the House, sent to the Senate where 20-plus Democrat Senators are up for election in two years.  Once the Senate Democrats see the writing on the wall, the bill repealing your monstrosity of nationalization it will be on your desk to sign.  Now, you keep saying compromise.  If you believe in it then you sign the damn thing!  If you just want to reinforce the impression of slickster liar that you are, you will veto it and call your obstructionist act something else.

How about that Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty with the Russians you are trying to ram through?  Looks like the ramming table has turned.  You, Mister President, conjured up a deal to reduce our defenses and make a potential enemy stronger.  Guess what?  The Senate has noticed.  Cooperation, in this case, means grow a pair (borrow one from Hillary) and get a fair agreement with the Russians.  Ever since the midterm elections you have enjoyed invoking Reagan, now you get a chance to act like him.  That nut from Hillery will help.

Actually, not having a treaty with the Russians works out just fine.  The Congress has the duty to equip the military, as a 'constitutional scholar' like yourself should know.  Doing that, without the hobbles of a badly crafted treaty, should work out fine.

Compromise, yes, look it up before you say it again.

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