30 November 2010

Weightist in Chief or West Wing Salad Tosser?

This puff piece does not have much to go out of your way for, other than the bit quoted below.  I am sure Wolffe believes being a busybody is the highest form of caring.

An excerpt of Richard Wolffe's 'Revival' - Meet the Press - Books - msnbc.com:
"Others witnessed something other than steadiness: a steeliness when shutting down even close aides, and a soft touch when opening up to others. Senior staff spoke privately of policy discussions that ended with a piercing presidential stare and an icy, abrupt command from Obama: “Next!”

That brusque manner was a stark contrast to the personal attention he paid to those who needed help. He encouraged overweight staffers to shed pounds. He gave one aide a salad for lunch, then listened to him protest that he could take care of his own health. “I love you, man,” Obama said. “I want you to look after yourself. Eat the salad.”"
I know, I know, people like Wolffe and Obama are concerned for everybody.  Why, if everybody stayed healthy, all of that 'free' health care Obama, Pelosi, and Reid just handed out would be so much cheaper, right?  The non-sequitur just around the corner for the wagon circlers will be: "If dress codes can be imposed in the workplace, why not eating codes?  It is for the good of all!"  'Butt out' never occurs to some people.

No word yet if it was a tossed salad.

With jelly?

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