29 November 2010

Newsflash: Saudi Arabia funds al Qaeda

Actually, this is a newsflash to me.  I was one of those people who thought that the Saudis, the ones who run the official stuff anyway, despised al Qaeda too and wanted to be rid of them.  No, they are the biggest funder of al Qaeda.  What?  That wasn't in the latest WikiLeaks classified document dump?  Actually, it was an announcement by the Bush administration in 2008Jihad Watch had the story in 2004.  The only reason I looked it up today is because Rush Limbaugh said, near the top of his show today, that this 'news' was in the Wikidump.  I couldn't find an article about it, found the two linked to above instead.

I don't think being armed with this information will help when I am pestered by people who insist that it is "the Jews."  Stock answer from them: "You can't believe our government, the Jews run that too, just like the press."

Different Saudi story coming up that relates to my books.

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