31 October 2010

Saudis seeking bomb maker. Yemen arrests parcel bomb suspect, met with mass taqiyya

Saudis looking for Ibrahim Hassan al-Asiri (ابراهيم حسن العسيري) in Chicago Synagogue bombing plot.

From Brenda Daverin at Gather.com
Interestingly, one of the synagogues the Yemen plot bombs may have been addressed to was Or Chadash, a congregation devoted to welcoming lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender persons. Or Chadash's Sabbath services were held with full security and without incident, according to CNN. It will be fascinating to find out if the Yemen plotters knew Or Chadash was LGBT-friendly or if they just picked them at random out of a phone book.

FT.com / Middle East - Yemen arrests parcel bomb suspect:
"Yemeni security forces have arrested a female student for allegedly sending the explosive packages destined for the US.

The woman was arrested on Saturday in Sana’a the capital after bombs were discovered hidden in air freight packages in Britain and Dubai. The packages were on board planes that had departed from Yemen. They were addressed to synagogues in Chicago and officials have said the explosive devices bore the hallmarks of al-Qaeda.

The detained woman was traced through a telephone number she allegedly left with a cargo company, officials said. She may not have known that the packages contained explosives. US officials have said that Saudi Arabia, which shares a long porous border with Yemen, provided information on the threat."

Oct. 30: An unidentified Yemeni woman walks past UPS office in San'a, Yemen.
Oct. 30: An unidentified Yemeni woman walks past UPS office in San'a, Yemen.

After word got out that a woman was being questioned, the villagers gathered sticks and signs for a massive taqiyya festival.  If her friend said she was set-up then she was set-up, right?  Case closed, move along. (yea, right)
"The Sanaa University student union ... believes the girl is innocent and has been wronged," said union president, Ridhwan Massoud, 30.
"We are calling for her release," he said.
Dozens of students staged a sit-in in the courtyard of Sanaa University's engineering faculty. Yemeni officials had said the woman was studying medicine, but students at the university said she was in her final year of a computer science degree.
Yahya al-Hammadi, a 21-year-old engineering student, told Reuters she had attended the faculty until the previous day.
"She was not known to be active in anything, not politics nor religion," Hammadi said. "I am totally perplexed by this."
Video report via SkyNews.  The reporter says the name of the suspect while the text articles I found did not.

Other terrorism news:

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