02 November 2010

Restore Sanity/Fear Circus Clip Two

More 10-30-10 video:

Restoring Sanity Clip Two
0:00:15.37 'Uncle Sam' near Washington Monument
0:01:05.07 'Peace Sign' flag brandisher
0:01:18.10 Lefties can't keep right
0:02:17.57 Porta-Potty lines by Washington Monument
0:02:37.20 Tight costumes are a privilege, not a right, and you have no right
0:04:33.00 Leftists cannot resist walking in front of oncoming cars
0:06:16.00 Bicyclists think they have the right-of-way
0:06:20.00 Leftists cannot keep right
0:09:02.77 Woman into tea bags
0:06:36.00 Bucket drummer

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