01 November 2010

Man Arrested in Arlington Was Former Top Army Soldier

Gene C. McKinney, former SMA
Man Arrested in Arlington Was Former Top Army Soldier | ARLnow.com:
"A man who investigators say purposely struck a person with his car in Pentagon City last week was formerly the top enlisted member of the U.S. Army.

Police say Manassas resident Gene C. McKinney, 59, had picked up commuters from a slug line and was driving north toward Washington when the commuters demanded to be let out of the car because, they claimed, McKinney was driving fast and erratically.

After McKinney let them out on the 1100 block of South Eads Street, one man took out a camera and tried to snap a photo of McKinney’s license plate. That’s when McKinney hit the gas and struck the man with his car, according to police. He was arrested and charged with attempted malicious wounding."
He was convicted of obstruction of justice charges and acquitted of sexual harassment charges in the 1990s.

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