31 October 2010

Restore Sanity Circus Photos

I am still formatting video and culling through images from the event.  Ironic Surrealism v3.0 does not like to engage in pissing contests over crowd counts.  I, on-the-other-hand, enjoy the "true believers" of the Leftoid circus set as they spin and spin.  CBS says the crowd on the left (photo below) is less than 50% of the crowd on the right.  The same spin was given to the 10.2.10 Marxist and Union festival at the Lincoln Memorial.

Also note, the Beck and Union rallies did not have a concert with headliners like Ozzie Osborne either.
Really not sure exactly how much video I have.  The battery died when I was near the end of my stay in DC.  True to form, shortly after my camera stopped working, the L'Enfant Plaza escalator malfunctioned and several people were injured. Update: first comments on the L'Enfant Plaza accident were that the escalator "collapsed."  Witnesses and victims reported that the escalator sped up and dumped riders onto the crowded landing below.

The camera was still running when I arrived at the first closed entrance at L'Enfant, made my way to the other.  Ended up cabbing to Alexandria, VA with brother-in-law and sister.

Major note of this rally: this was the most clueless mob of event attendees that I have ever encountered.  Much larger rallies do not paralyze the METRO system.  There were more people at the Crystal City METRO station who could not figure out how to buy a ticket, or use a turnstile, than I have ever seen.  J-walking?  These people took it to a new art, waiting for oncoming cars to approach before crossing against the light.  Forget about escalator manners too.  They  could not "keep right" anywhere, especially on an escalator.

On the VA/MD/DC METRO system, we keep to the right when standing.
I would have been off the escalator if it were not for the rude people blocking the left side.
Blurry picture of the zoo that was the Crystal City METRO station on 10/30/2010
I have never seen more people who could not figure out how to buy a METRO ticket or use a turnstile. The entire METRO system was clogged full of sheeple who all decided to go downtown at the same time, just like turning on their television.

L'Enfant Plaza platform, Stewart/Colbert fans trying to figure out how to use a stopped escalator.
A view from the Capitol steps.  Large view shows large open space in the background.
People in odd costumes in Washington Monument area.

View from near the base of Washington Monument

Another view from base of Washington Monument

"Economics Are Too Complicated for Me to Understand; But Blaming Others Makes Me Feel Better About That"

Crowded sidewalks, empty grass near the carousel.

Expanse of empty space near the carousel.

I am an American and I'm not crazy.

Hate Aint Free.Org

Crowds trying to figure out another turned off escalator at L'Enfant Plaza.

"Alabama is about 42% Sane"
 It took me a few tries to get a picture of this sign in L'Enfant Plaza station.
"Alabama is about 42% Sane"

"Alabama is about 42% Sane"

"Hitler Was A Total Nazi" in L'Enfant Plaza
Having serious trouble uploading to YouTube from here.  Will try from a different location tomorrow.


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