02 November 2010

My Restore Sanity/Fear Video Clips

The radio told me that I was not allowed to take video at this event.  Well, screw you Comedy Central.

Recorded 10 October 2010 on the National Mall of the People
Restoring Sanity Clip One
0:00:10.20 "Hitler Was A Total Nazi"; "Spelling Cunts (Get A Brain Morans)"; "WTF I Thought I Voted for a Muslim?!"
0:01:59.50 "I Screwed You Guys" Bush t-shirts $12 (he did not mention sales tax)
0:05:50.60 Leftists cannot keep right, even in a crosswalk
0:08:09.47 Neo-Hippies on grass
0:08:09.47 "Be Here Now"
0:08:50.07 "Support Privatized Fire Departments *my employer should buy me coverage" "Smoke it down a Notch"
0:09:53.90 Empty grass near the carousel
0:10:31.27 The empty grassy expanses of the National Mall, surrounded by crowded sidewalks

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