06 November 2010

Weird People who Know You Write

I am beginning to feel glad that I am not at the level of Stephen King (I am a fan of his work) or Bob Dylan (not a fan of his work, love the interviews).  I hardly sell anything right now and I get all sorts of weirdness just because I decided to start writing fiction.

Yesterday I happened across a military veteran I know.  I only know him from two local bars and this is the first meeting we had in months.  Nice Navy veteran with a lovely daughter, who worked in one of the bars we would chat in every few weeks or so.  As far as I know, the only writing of mine he has read was when I was working on my laptop next to him and I asked him to read over a passage or two.

"John, so how is your book going about everybody in the cafe?"

"My new book about what?"

"You know, about R* and the regulars at KSB?"

"B* I never wrote a book about that."

"Oh, I thought all your characters were based on those guys?"

"No, I make all my characters up.  There was a rumor at M* that my characters were based on that place."

"Oh yea, that book, how's it going?"

"Nothing I wrote is based on there either.  It is called fiction for a reason.  At M* they have a proof copy of the first series in the office, because I wrote a lot of it there, but it isn't based on anybody there either.  There was this weird chick I met at M* who imagined she had qualities of my main character [gave examples], but she was just nuts, I don't do that."

"Oh, I thought it was."

"Then go take a look at it and get back to me on which character is based on anybody from either place, ok?"

"Okay man, nice to see you.  I'm going downstairs to play some pool."

Another one for the weird file.

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