05 November 2010

There are Hispanic Republicans? Someone tell MSM

Brian Sandoval
The hard work begins for new Nevada governor - Wednesday, Nov. 3, 2010 | 4:03 p.m. - Las Vegas Sun:
"Brian Sandoval stepped off the federal bench and waltzed through a campaign into the governor's mansion. Now he must take the lead in a difficult tango through the worst budget crisis the state has ever faced.
A day after his 12-point victory over Democrat Rory Reid in a campaign that never seemed to test him, Sandoval said he has reached out to legislative and congressional leaders, and began assembling his transition team and executive staff.
'There are a lot of challenges ahead,' he said Wednesday. 'I've been on the phone all morning. I'm going to work together with both parties across the aisle.'"
Suzanna Martinez, Governor Elect of New Mexico
Sandoval, along with Suzanna Martinez of New Mexico and Marco Rubio of Florida are all Hispanic Republicans and Conservatives.

Marco Rubio Governor Elect of Florida
All three are conservative Hispanics.

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