26 August 2010

Amazon.com: John and Suki: Vacation Fun (fan fiction) eBook: Sarah, John Tagliaferro, Suki: Kindle Store

Amazon.com: John and Suki: Vacation Fun (fan fiction) eBook: by Sarah in the Kindle Store
Amazon Bestsellers Rank: #52,283 (as of this posting)
A fan fiction work by Sarah, based on a scene from Suki IV: Finally a Vacation and inspired by the Jerusalem Post news story I Wed Iranian Girls before Execution.

John and Suki are kidnapped from an exotic dance club by John's friend Mike and his girlfriend, Honey. The couple is held captive and forced to reveal how they helped the Allies in the war with Iran. They do not break easily, but the techniques used are fast and effective.

Mike and Honey have other uses for the couple too. Suki's natural anger toward any women who approach John is exploited for other uses and profit. So is the natural beauty and sexual experience of the couple, but the important thing they have is their minds that need to be harnessed for their captor's customers, Iran and Russia.

Buy the series and the fan fiction in paperback at: http://sukiproject.blogspot.com/p/order-suki-series-paperbacks.html John and Suki: Vacation Fun is the first story in the Suki: Fan Fiction paperback edition.

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