26 August 2010

Major al-Qaeda bombing plot unearthed in Canada; two arrested

Major al-Qaeda bombing plot unearthed in Canada; two arrested - World - DNA:
"The arrests were enforced by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) after carrying out searches of two residences on the Ottawa's west side and officers said they were executing more searches and would carry out more arrests.

The arrest of Misbahuddin and Ehsan Ahmed came after police had kept them under surveillance for over two years in a project codenamed 'Operation Samosa'.

Though the RCMP released no names or identities of the suspects, but sources confirmed their names as Misbahuddin and Ehsan.

They said Misbahuddin Ahmed, who was categorised as ringleader, is believed to have been trained in Pakistan and Afghanistan and investigations involved a 'bomb plot'.

'These guys were doing more than just talking about terrorism. They were planning it,' a police source was quoted as saying by the Vancouver Sun newspaper." . . .
This is the second major terror plot to be unearthed in Canada since 9/11. In June 2006, a group of young Muslim men dubbed as 'Toronto 18' were rounded up and prosecuted for planning to attack downtown targets and a military base. 
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