26 August 2010

MSNBC Swears to Allah that Obama's Not A Muslim

MSNBC Swears to Allah that Obama's Not A Muslim - HUMAN EVENTS:
"What McConnell actually said in response to the Muslim question was: 'The president says he's a Christian. I take him at his word. I don't think that's in dispute.'

Over at MSNBC, that's Republican code for: 'He's a Muslim!'

North Korean TV's Ed Schultz hysterically babbled: 'McConnell gave cover. That's what he did. He gave cover to all those low information voters out there who still believe this garbage about President Obama being a Muslim. ... The Republican leadership just loves to feed the fire.'

Chris Matthews was so impressed with Schultz's nonsensical argument that he spent the entire hour on NKTV's 'Hardball' making the same one: McConnell had expressed insufficient fervor when he said he believed Obama was a Christian! (Perhaps if McConnell had added something about a thrill running up his leg ...)

The statement 'I take him at his word,' Matthews said, was a 'pitch-perfect dog whistle to the haters.' He continued: 'Yes, sure, whatever he says. Right. This is not about belief. It's an accusation that President Obama is not one of us. The right wing's attempt to de-Americanize the president.'"

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