26 August 2010

More Mad Zoning: Permit Denied For Mosque In West Rogers Park (Chicago)

Permit Denied For Mosque In West Rogers Park - cbs2chicago.com:
"CHICAGO (CBS) ― A permit has been denied to open a mosque at this site in West Rogers Park, where a hot dog restaurant previously stood.

It is an empty restaurant in the West Rogers Park neighborhood. Some wanted to turn into a mosque. Business leaders and the city apparently don't agree. CBS 2's Vince Gerasole reports.

It sounds a bit like the controversy over the proposed mosque in New York near where the Twin Towers fell. Perhaps at first glance, but not when you scratch beneath the surface.

We're hearing from the local chamber of commerceand alderman's office that the city has denied a special use permit that would allow a mosque to replace a shut down hot dog grill.

It's based on the need to generate tax revenue on the former site of the original Fluky's and later U Lucky Dawg, at 6821 N. Western Ave."
Another problem with zoning. Different than New York where a the runaround for a Church to rebuild is nearing the decade mark. This time it is Chicago refusing to allow a mosque due to some zoning excuse.

In the future, zoning is on its way out.

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