23 August 2010

North Korea Linux (Red Star OS) Review

Red Star OS is Best Linux
North Korea is really the humor goldmine this week.

Slashdot Submission | North Korea Linux (Red Star OS) Review:
Take that Russia!
"JimLynch writes 'There was an announcement a while back that North Korea had come out with its own version of Linux (called Red Star OS). I dropped by the official North Korean site, and found their contact information. I sent a polite email asking for a download link for their distro, but I never heard back from anybody. This was rather rude on their part, or perhaps they just don’t have people who can read English answering their email. Anyway, I wasn’t able to get a download link until today.'
Link to Original Source"
The link at the top might not work if this story gets accepted (I voted it up, with others), so use that last one up there.

Suki Series tie-in: The Koreas are united in the 2030's
North Korea is Best Korea! From the North Korean Tourist Ministry.

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