26 August 2010

Another Isolated Incident: Anti-Muslim Stabbing in New York?

As the great Jonah Goldberg points out, this is probably an actual isolated incident. Read his post, he lays it out well.  I have a question, for a much later post: Why is it that when these isolated incidents occur, the mainsrtream media and the energetic Left brace for and warn about widespread backlash that never happens?

This cab driver stabbing has much more to it than initial reports indicated.  As usual, they hyper-Left was as wrong as wrong can be.

Anti-Muslim Stabbing in New York? - The Corner - National Review Online
This is almost certainly an isolated incident, in the sense that Michael Enright was almost surely acting alone. Indeed, if he was a lone psycho, that would mean that by any measure this is far more of an “isolated incident” than any of the recent Islamic terrorist attacks the Obama administration and the press insisted were isolated incidents. By the Left’s own logic, there is, if anything, far less reason to say this attack (if the early reports are accurate) reflects American “Islamophobia” than there was to say that the Ft. Hood shooter or the attempted Christmas and Times Square bombers represented the worldwide Muslim community.
Read more at The Corner.

Now for the additional information on the Muslim cab driver, Ahmed Sharif  vs. a supporter of the Park51 Ground Zero Cordoba Recreation Center and Mosque, i.e., his attacker, Leatherman Tool wielding white liberal college student who supported the Ground Zero Mosque, Michael Enright.
This is news to you? Take it away, Ben Smith!

But as often at the intersection of politics and violent crime, the story doesn't appear to fit any easy stereotype: The alleged assailant, Michael Enright, is — according to his Facebook profile and the website of the left-leaning media organization Intersections International — a student at the School of Visual Arts and a volunteer for Intersections, which recently produced a statement of support for the Park51 project and is funded by the mainstream, liberal Collegiate Church of New York.

Intersections did not respond to two messages, and the group does not appear to be picking up the phone. Enright did not respond to a message through his Facebook account.
But this appears to be the same man: Police described Enright as a resident of Brewster, 21 years old, and an employee of an "Internet media company who had recently spent time with a combat unit in Afghanistan filming military exercises until this past May."
But, wait, there's more: 

Will the next revelation be that Ahmed Sharif is against the Cordoba Mosque project?

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