24 August 2010

Chicago River and Alligator Bob

Second Gaitor netted in Chicago River

I've been following this on 890 WLS-AM, Chicago for a day or two.  A duck attacked one of the alligators, and won.

August 24, 2010 (CHICAGO) (WLS) -- 'Alligator Bob' used a net to scoop up a 3-year-old gator that was found in the Chicago River on the city's Northwest Side.

The alligator was a pet, according to Alligator Bob, who is a reptile expert and volunteer with the Chicago Herpetological Society.

"He's too clean, too perfect, to have been living in this river long. Usually they'd have some scratches and gouges from rocks and things," said Alligator Bob.

The alligator, nicknamed Sherman by the man who found him, was first spotted on Sunday near Belmont and Rockwell. Another alligator was found nearby on the Chicago River banks earlier this month.

"He'll go through a couple month of quarantine- not that we're worried about the river so much, we know what's in the river. We're worried about what he was raised in," said Alligator Bob. Bob said they have to check for salmonella, which can be a result of an unclean aquarium.

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