24 August 2010

Court Rules Against Stem Cell Policy

Slashdot | Court Rules Against Stem Cell Policy:
"'A US district court issued a preliminary injunction Monday stopping federal funding of human embryonic stem cell research, in a slap to the Obama administration's new guidelines on the sensitive issue. The court ruled in favor of a suit filed in June by researchers who said human embryonic stem cell research involves the destruction of human embryos. Judge Royce Lamberth granted the injunction after finding that the lawsuit would likely succeed because the guidelines violated law banning the use of federal funds to destroy human embryos. '(Embryonic stem cell) research is clearly research in which an embryo is destroyed,' Lamberth wrote in a 15-page ruling.'"
2030's Suki Series tie-in: Nothing direct yet. In the first series I don't remember any genetic therapy going on. Sarah introduced it in her fan fiction John and Suki: Vacation Fun where Suki survives a severe beating and is healed with products made from her own DNA. Something similar is in one of John's draft for the next book in the new series too. Most advances in stem cell therapy are made with stem cells from the patient, not from anonymous donors, just like today.

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