22 August 2010

Replicants Don't Wear Hats

I am surely not the first to notice. Unable to verify through google searches. The replicants in "Blade Runner" never wear hats to protect themselves from the constantly falling acid rain in Los Angeles. More proof that Deckard is a replicant.

Update 11:52AM USA Eastern Time: Beginning research with 1982 international cut, AKA "Criterion Edition".

1410 Hrs, moving to the original US release, 1982.

1723 hrs, continuing to research with the 1992 Director's Cut. Still, no sign of replicants wearing hats.

All of the humans, when outside in the rain, wear hats or carry an umbrella. Tyrell is never seen outside, so this is not a clue for him.  Rachael, verified replicant, does not even protect her perfect hair and skin from the caustic rain. My findings: Deckard is a replicant. So are the other characters who do not wear hats or use umbrellas outside.

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