25 August 2010

WikiLeaks + Julian Assange and a Victim Quote = Crazy Twitters* Action

I won't assume this tweeter was drunk or something during this exchange:
(I sent this tweet) Quote from #WikiLeaks #molestation accuser "has problem with taking no for an answer" http://goo.gl/b/Opso #tcot#twisters #tlot #mil
A few hours later, I saw this response: 
@JohnTagliaferro Is you who gave the advice to fuck with assange?If not .Explain. Because the woman has a long picture story withe you ?

Took me a while to formulate a response to the whole thing. What does "Is it you who gave the advice to fuck with assange (sic)?" even mean? How do I "explain" "If not"? What does "the woman has a long picture story with you?" mean?

So many deep questions that only a COBOL programmer and a fifth of Tequila could formulate (sorry, had to start theorizing).

In the interest of all people who have the real name John Tagliaferro and all of us who use it as a pen name, and as a service to all of those who share the same names as the fictional characters in my book, I responded with a confession:

@DeClack yes, on my command Slate ran the story quoting her so my blog partner could post it. #lol #tlot#mil 

Should have been Salon, my mistake.  Hope this does not mess up your Global Conspiracy Theory.

There was an earlier responder, @rixstepnews who accused the woman making the molestation complaint of being a radical or militant feminist, apparently meaning Anna Ardin, one of the rape accusers who also generated the molestation complaint. The Guardian has more on that.  I blocked that account, still looking forward to more from the drunk COBOL guy and will update right here if I do.

Assange is sticking by his "the Pentagon did it" story.

Pretty surprised, actually. We didn't get much traffic from Twitter on this particular story. Avatar is still beating it.

*Twitters: as pronounced by Barry Hussein Obama.


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