12 August 2010

Israeli Arab Serial Stabber Caught While Trying to Flee Country – IndyPosted

(Israeli Arab) Serial Stabber Caught While Trying to Flee Country – IndyPosted:
Elias Abuelazam was identified today as the serial stabber. The Michigan resident is a suspect in the stabbings of twenty people across five states. The serial stabbings caused 5 deaths.

Abuelazam was arrested when he tried to board a plane in Atlanta for Israel. According to ABC, Abuelazam has yet to be charged in the serial stabbings, but was taken into custody under other charges.
Middl-East troublemaker travel checklist:
Michigan - Check
Northern Virginia - Check
Buffalo - ?
New Mexico - ?

Obligatory book tie-in (this is a stretch): Future saturation and use of voyeur cameras by citizens alerts them to danger more quickly.

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