12 August 2010

The Original Mad Man - Reason Magazine

The Original Mad Man - Reason Magazine:
Americans are great at rattling off Nike slogans and reciting the lyrics to the Big Mac theme song. But ask them to name the man often described as the “father of modern advertising” and you might as well ask them to name the U.S vice-president in 1853. That so few people have ever heard of William Rufus DeVane King is understandable--he died after just 45 days in office as second-in-command to Franklin Pierce. That so few people have ever heard of the man who convinced America to brush its teeth every day and made it fashionable for women to smoke in public is downright unpatriotic.

Series tie-in: In the 2030s advertising is accurately targeted to the individual, resulting in less waste of capitol on people who will never buy the product and less aggravation to unintended audiences.

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