08 August 2010

Slashdot | Genetically Modified Canola Spreads To Wild Plants

Slashdot | Genetically Modified Canola Spreads To Wild Plants: eldavojohn writes

'A research team conducting a survey has found that about 86% of wild canola plants in North Dakota have genetically modified genes in them, and 'two samples contained multiple genes from different species of genetically modified plants.' Canola usually has little competition when cultivated but does not fare well in the wild. The Roundup Ready and Liberty Link strains of genetically modified canola appear to be crossing over to wild plants and helping it survive. The University of Arkansas team claims that the ease in which genetically modified canola has 'escaped' into the wild should be noted by seed makers like Monsanto because this is proof that it will happen.'

Reader n4djs notes that Monsanto has been known to sue farmers for patent infringement when their crops unintentionally contain genetically modified plants."
Okay, GenMod Luddites. Monsanto sues when it is obvious someone is using their seed without a license.
Furthermore, show me any food from a grocery store or a farmer's market that has not been genetically modified in some manner sometime between the stone age and now. Reason Magazine has covered both the GenMod and Monsanto topics extensively.

By-the-way, in the original series that I helped with, genetically modified future foods and materials are mentioned extensively. From the "lab grown" Kobe steaks to the stain and water repellent properties of Suki's suede boots that can be worn through slushy Beltway winters. The new series he does not mention them as much, but they are in there.

Newer update: Ronald Bailey gave a nice apology and updated his post with a hat tip pointing back here. Thank you Ron!

Update: Maybe I am being overly sensitive. I emailed a link to this blog post and a mention of the issue to Ronald Bailey, of Reason Magazine, shortly after posting. One day later, my blog partner sends me this:

Attack of the Giant Killer Canola?

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