12 August 2010

Slashdot IT Story | ISP Owner Who Fought FBI Spying Freed From Gag Order

Slashdot IT Story | ISP Owner Who Fought FBI Spying Freed From Gag Order:
'So you wonder what happens when an ISP recieves a a so-called 'national security letter' from the FBI? Well, read this about an ISP owner's fight to not have to turn over everything and the sink to the FBI: 'The owner of an internet service provider who mounted a high-profile court challenge to a secret FBI records demand has finally been partially released from a 6-year-old gag order that forced him to keep his role in the case a secret from even his closest friends and family. He can now identify himself and discuss the case, although he still can't reveal what information the FBI sought. Nicholas Merrill, 37, was president of New York-based Calyx Internet Access when he received a so-called 'national security letter' from the FBI in February 2004 demanding records of one of his customers and filed a lawsuit to challenge it.''
Obligatory series tie-in: Um, the government does not have that much power any more and information transmissions are more secure, trusted. Middle actors are not at much risk, the perpetrator and true collaborators are the targets. Yea, that'ts it! They can't go after the gas station owner because a bank robber fueled up the getaway car there!

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