13 August 2010

Suki's Islam Friday News

Okay gang, get your hijab on, it's Ramadan! (that link not safe for work)

On Faith Panelists Blog: Iftar? Shabbat. - Nathan Diament:
President Obama will be continuing the White House tradition (begun by President Bush) of hosting an Iftar dinner to break a fast day of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

Like last year, the Obama White House has sought, in the American spirit, to have a religiously diverse group of guests join with American Muslim leaders and Arab diplomats in this event.
At lease one of the invited guests is a PLO official.

Heard today on WABC-AM, New York, New York: The band Kiss has vowed to play daily across the street from the Ground Zero Mosque and hand out BLT sandwiches.  Did you know the Ground Zero "in yo face" 'cultural center' will have a swimming pool?

More Islamic whine:
But in other parts of the United States, controversy and in some cases verbal and other symbolic attacks have broken out against the faith of Islam in response to the approval of the Cordoba House mosque and interfaith community center, a 13-story building that is expected to be built about 600 feet from Ground Zero in New York City where the September 11, 2001 attacks took place.

Now we see more of where this Reason crackpot gets some of her ideas.

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