18 August 2010

First Arrests Under Virginia Smoking Law

First Arrests Under Virginia Smoking Law:
"Lynchburg, VA - The smoking law that prohibits lighting up in Virginia restaurants has had its first violators.
Authorities in Falls Church, Virginia arrested and fined 13 people. Four arrests were owners and the other nine were customers caught in the act. The arrests came after months of complaints from other customers.
No arrests have been made in Lynchburg just yet. Lynchburg Police said enforcing the law starts with restaurant owners.
'If they address it and ask the person to leave, and the person complies, the issue is dealt with. If not, we could address for trespassing,' said Captain Todd Swisher with the Lynchburg police department.
Swisher said if police get complaints about a restaurant allowing smoking, local health officials will take over.
According to the Health Department's website, fines from breaking the law go towards the Virginia Health Care Fund."
In the future, the establishment owner will decide the smoking policy.  In John's books, Virginia leaves that policy to the establishment .  DC has strict rules about smoking anywhere.

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