21 August 2010

WJLA TV 7, Washington, DC Sucks

 Someone just put the morons at the DC ABC station out of my misery. They do not deserve electricity.

I have been attempting to watch the NASCAR Bristol race since the third lap, around 8:00 PM tonight.  What have I seen? Damn near nothing.  THIS IS THE ONLY STATION IN DC THAT CANNOT BROADCAST OVER THE AIR LIKE A REAL TV STATION!

No shit, what is this, some little pirate OTA hacker operation or something?  Is the transmitter a modified 1970's Heathkit rig?

I am just a couple of miles away, in Crystal City. Every other station in the area comes in fine.  Even the Spanish language NTSB stations.

The Indy 500 was the same way earlier this year.  There was heavy wind that day, so I thought that was a problem.  Watched it on cable or satellite in a bar. No problem.

What the hell is the problem today? Unless it is a commercial, all I get is a fucked up, pixilated mess.

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