17 August 2010

Jailed For "Friend" Requests | The Smoking Gun

Gag orders can be beautiful.
Unfortunately, this looks like it only works with a court order and I bet it rarely works when some chick is bothering a guy. Say, for example, some nut searching a guy's blog for her full name, daily, for months.

Jailed For "Friend" Requests | The Smoking Gun:
"AUGUST 16--A Florida man was arrested last night after he allegedly violated a protective order by sending his estranged wife requests to “friend” him on Facebook.

According to a Pasco County Sheriff’s Office report, Harry Bruder, 54, admitted contacting his wife twice last last month via the social networking site. Investigators charge that Bruder’s Facebook requests violated a domestic violence injunction obtained by his wife Carole, from whom he has been separated for two years.

“Yeah, I did it,” Bruder said when confronted by cops. He remarked that the friend requests were “stupid” and knew that he should not have sent them. Bruder, who also copped to changing the password to his wife’s Yahoo e-mail account, said that he was upset that he had to attend court-ordered counseling sessions as a result of the injunction (which bars him from any contact with his wife)."
No tie-in to the books.
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