15 August 2010

WikiTerrorist Julian Assange To Write For Swedish Tabloid

via Slashdot: Julian Assange To Write For Swedish Tabloid

"Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has signed on as a columnist for Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet. Why such a move? Maybe there's something more to be found in Swedish law when you are employed by a newspaper."

Here's an account in English, including a translation of the interview that forms part of the linked Aftenbladet article.

In case you forgot about the WikiLeaks little gem of deception, how about looking at the rebuttal for a dose of truth.

Why don't they hire Major Hasan, Jihad Jane, and every other treasonous jerk out there - in addition to the WikiTerrorist too?

No direct series tie-in, other than I hope whenever doctored video comes out it is countered with the truth quickly. Also, national security is tighter but not as much is classified in the future.

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