20 August 2010

Next Step Beyond Television Preachers - Obama Receives Religious Devotionals by Blackberry

Melissa Scott should be on TV
FOXNews.com - Obama Receives Religious Devotionals by Blackberry
President Obama doesn't need to step foot in a church to find spiritual inspiration -- it comes directly to his BlackBerry.

Blago preaches a lot.
Every day, the president receives "devotionals," or passages meant to bring one closer to God, from Joshua DuBois, the head of his Office of Faith Based and Neighborhood Partnerships.

"Whether it's a passage of scripture or a piece out of a book that I think he might be interested in or a prayer, it's something to start his day off on the right note," DuBois told Fox News.

When he took office, Obama fought vehemently with his security staff to keep that BlackBerry, a highly-secure version of the standard store-bought phone and messaging device that has now become something of a spiritual lifeline.

Paula White
In the past year, the president and his advisers have faced occasional but persistent questions about one of the most visible expressions of one's faith: picking a church. The Obamas have yet to pick one after separating from their longtime church in Chicago in 2008. At the time, Obama publicly split from the church's now retired pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, following a controversy over videos capturing Wright's incendiary sermons that nearly derailed Obama's presidential campaign.

I won't go as far as Limbaugh and say that " . . . Obama tweets God and God answers back," no, I won't go that far at all. I will say that B. Hussein Obama has officially dropped one rung below television preacher. What happened to his White House Marxist Spiritualist Jim Wallace? Now we have this new guy, his e-mail preacher Joshua DuBois.

These named advisors, from Reverand Wright to Joshua DuBois are all self-identified Christians. Where is Obama's Islamic advisor Mazen Asbahi? Wait, he was the old one, thrown under the same bus as Jeramiah Wright. Who is the new one? Is Obama in touch with imam Feisal Abdul Rauf via BlackBerry?

Obama is much safer with his base letting people think that he is a Muslim than, say, a Christian who cannot stay in the same luxury hotel as his wife and daughter on his birtyday.  Just think about it, if he is a non-prostelitizing Muslim who lets his wife dress nice while trying to destroy every beneficial alliance the US has (especially that pesky one with Israel), how could that possibly hurt him with San Francisco and Manhattan voters?

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