18 August 2010

Obama Declares Victory, Sort Of, Depending On How You Look At It, In Iraq

Obama Declares Victory, Sort Of, Depending On How You Look At It, In Iraq | America's Finest News Source:
"CAMP SPRINGS, MD—Addressing troops at Andrews Air Force Base Tuesday, President Barack Obama claimed victory in Iraq, saying that formal combat operations in the region would end Aug. 31, and that the United States had emerged from the seven-year war triumphant, kind of.

'For nearly a decade, our mission in Iraq has been to root out those who would choose violence over peace, to create a stable Iraqi government, and to transfer power to an incorruptible civilian police force,' Obama said. 'And, in a manner of speaking, we sort of did some of that, right? More or less?'

'Granted, this is not the definitive, World War II–like victory most of us expected,' Obama continued. 'But there's a military triumph in there somewhere, I swear. You just have to look at it from the right angles.'"
In the Suki original series, the Islamic wars are over, except for kicking Iran's ass in Suki IV.  New series has not addressed anything like this yet.

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