18 August 2010

Herndon Bartenders Arrested For Fire Breathing Trick | WUSA9.com | Washington, DC |

Fairfax County Law Enforcement has a checkered past in Herndon and neighboring Reston.

Herndon Bartenders Arrested For Fire Breathing Trick | WUSA9.com | Washington, DC |:
"HERNDON, Va. (WUSA) -- It's a trick bartenders have performed at Jimmy's Old Town Tavern for 13 years. But on July 24, two bartenders were arrested after performing a fire breathing trick.

'They're more than bartenders. They're entertainers,' says Jimmy Cirrito, bar owner.

Cirrito says after 12:30 a.m. on July 24, the two bartenders performed the trick and then were arrested.

Justin Fedorchak, 29, and Tegee Rogers, 33, are charged with three felonies:

-- Manufacturing and using an explosive device.

-- Setting a fire capable of spreading.

-- Burning or destroying a meeting house.

They were also charged with several misdemeanors by the Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department."
News video clip below, with video of the fire breathing bartenders.

A WMAL-630AM radio report stated that the Fire Marshall "received a letter from somebody" who complained.

Several years ago, Jimmy's was the focus of FOX News Network's Judge Napolitano when Fairfax County Police arrested several of Jimmy Cirrito's patrons for public drunkenness while drinking in the bar.  Reports at the time said the police gave field sobriety tests to the guests while still inside the bar. There was some question whether the county police had jurisdiction inside the town limits of Herndon.

Around the time of the questionable Fairfax County actions in Herndon, the same county police force illegally confiscated guns from patrons carrying them openly in Champps of Reston, later returned the handguns, issued an apology, and informed their officers with a memo about Virginia law concerning the carrying of firearms openly in establishments that serve alcohol.

Update: Reason is covering this story now, without the history of Jimmy's vs. Fairfax County authorities.

Series tie-in: This is a good location for John and Suki to visit in a future story. Maybe after a day on the range. In general this would not be an issue in the environment of 2030s Northern Virginia.

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