15 August 2010

Slashdot | The Hidden Security Risk of Geotags

If you are a personal privacy/security advocate, this article and discussion are a must-read.

Slashdot | The Hidden Security Risk of Geotags:
'The NY Times reports that security experts and privacy advocates have begun warning consumers about the potential dangers of geotags, which are embedded in photos and videos taken with GPS-equipped smartphones and digital cameras. By looking at geotags of uploaded photos, 'you can easily find out where people live, what kind of things they have in their house and also when they are going to be away,' says one security expert. Because the location data is not visible to the casual viewer, the concern is that many people may not realize it is there; and they could be compromising their privacy, if not their safety, when they post geotagged media online.'

Series tie-in: 2030's USA hardly anybody expects to hide or be anonymous any more. Perhaps some underground communities not mentioned in John's groups. I ventured into a rogue community in my fan fiction story Suki: Settling the Score.

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