19 August 2010

Islam: The Religion of Peace and Cosmotarians

This is the first image Google gives
me for "Cosmotarian Slut"?
John took his shot, now I am taking mine.

The coverage on the Ground Zero Mosque by Reason is laughable. Does their Cosmodroid fixation on the personal biases of some really have any place in a libertarian discussion about anything? I say no and I am pretty new to this too. I thought personal preferences were a big libertarian issue, that is preserving the rights of individuals to think as they may as long as it does not harm others.  In the case of the proposed Cordoba Mosque (re-branded as Studio51 or something), Reason has article after article about how any objection to the facility (recreation center, Mosque, foot washing fort, whatever) is only based on bigotry.  Hey, Cosmotarians, bigots are people too, and that is not even the issue.

People certainly have a right to be offended, in the same way that Tim Cavenaugh has the right to be offended by people who do not share his love for Judy Garland and her body of work. Why waste time complaining about that when there is a real issue of government steam rolling abuse going on? Is that not a true libertarian issue, or am I missing the whole point of being a libertarian?

I read Reason for a reason, to be informed of libertarian issues. For some reason, Reason has been ignoring the private property issue in Manhattan (yes, there are many, this is about the WTC site, that was attacked by the adopted soldiers of Cosmoitarians and I think the reason mentions in this paragraph only count as two drinks). Today is one of the first days in over a year that I did not bother looking at the site (until after work) since my “good morning” message, and I see I didn't miss a damn thing, unless you call Radley Balko managing to mention the Ground Zero Mosque (actually I missed that yesterday and caught it today) without bashing Sarah Palin an improvement.  That is another staple of Reason, if the Cordoba Mosque is to be mentioned, Sarah Palin must be bashed.  If there are Cosmotarian Sacred Scrolls, this must be one of the top edicts and Radley must be drinking virgin martinis for this infraction.

Enough of that, the issue at hand is the overly powerful mayor of New York and the even more powerful New York Port Authority misusing their power to streamline one house of worship into a space while they prevent another, that had been in the neighborhood for ages, from even rebuilding. THAT IS THE FUCKING ISSUE, REASON COSMOTARIANS!

Some troll ass (“The Angry Optimist”, who seems to only appear when he wants to call me a boy and changes his name to one of several and call John me) repeats the same comment about this issue, never providing anything of substance to any conversation: “No conservative cared about the Church being slighted until a few days ago.” So damn what? Many of us didn't know about the Greek Orthodox Church getting screwed by the Port Authority until a few days ago and that still does not change the fact that the Port Authority and the Mayor are giving the Mosque special treatment just because it is a Mosque. Reason is doing the same thing. It would still be special treatment if the Saint Nicholas Church never existed. Why didn't we read it first on the pages of Reason about this Church getting shafted? Simple, Cosmotarians hate Christians and they love Islam. No? Then you come up with a better answer.

Reason saying anything nice about Church or Synagogue property is as rare as them using “illegal” in a discussion about immigration. In yet another rarity, even that happened today in a Gillespie post. One person in the comments seemed to notice it too.  The fact remains, when property is owned by a non-Muslim congregation, Cosmotarians become Marxists on the private property issue.

So, Libertarian Magazine of Record, give me a reason to keep reading you instead of Slate, The Nation, The New Republic, or the World Socialist Web Site. They have the same attitude you do when real property is owned by a group of people who worship anything besides Ayn Rand.  I was being overly nice there.  I think my business is going to The National Review soon anyway.

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